Labour laws

Labour laws


Foreign nationals i.e. International Workers (IW’s) working in establishments in India to which Employees’ Provident Fund (PF) regulations apply are required to contribute to the PF except those who have been specifically exempted under the regulations.

Assignees from countries with whom India has signed SSA’s; contributing towards the social security of the home country and holding Certificate of Coverage (COC) from the home country are not required to contribute towards the Indian social security. The COC also needs to be filed with the PF authorities.

Our services includes

  • Employment contract drafting/review
  • Secondment agreements
  • Determination of salary on which PF/Pension is to be remitted
  • Providing monthly computation of PF/Pension remittance
  • Analyzing the cost impact on the employer / assignee
  • Advise on salary structure to optimize on PF contributions
  • Preparation of service rules in accordance with central / state laws.


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